If you're looking for something unique for your wedding favors, or are a wedding coordinator needing to expand unique offerings to your clients please contact us. Nut Kreations has participated in many local weddings for  clients in and around the Santa Cruz area.  We have developed 3 options for a variety of wedding needs.



1. By The Pound

A lot of weddings on a budget opt for do it yourself options.

As such Nut Kreations can sell you anything in our catalog in bulk and ship it wherever you need and you can package, and customize however you wish. This is the most budget friendly option when money is tight. Contact us for a tasting and pricing options.


2. Nut Kreations

Customizing Ninjas

Nut Kreations are among the best you will find at customizing gifts. Hire us to custom design a wedding favor or gift for you.

We will tailor everything. Create a custom mix exclusive for your wedding or pick a classic like pastel Jordan Almonds.

Pick from hundreds of container options. Fancy jars, boxes, tins, bags, whatever your heart desires we will make it happen, including custom messages, EVERYTHING down to the ribbon itself.

Contact us for a tasting, and to get a custom quote.


3. Nut Kreations Snack Service

Nut Kreations can be on site for the big day. We can provide an all you can eat option or tasting flights from over 140 items in our catalog. 

Service includes 2 servers for the duration of the reception. Setup, Tear Down, and Clean Up.

Our Service Area is 50 miles from our Production Kitchen in down town Santa Cruz. From Monterrey to Half Moon Bay.

Contact us for a tasting and for a customized quote.

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