Nut Kreations Snack Box is the absolute perfect way to resupply your company's  snacks in the break room for employees.  They also make perfect gifts for clients. Or hey, get them just for yourself hoard them or have your staff fight to the death over chocolate popcorn whatever works for you.

Each box is loaded with 20 individual, heat sealed 3oz servings of anything you want.  Change it each shipment just let us know. Simply fill out the form below and we'll contact you, or order directly on the Snack Box Product Page on your right. You will  be prompted to fill out a form and choose your selection. You can select a one time trial, weekly, twice a month or monthly.

If you need a greater supply or multiple boxes each order and are curious about extra discounts. Please contact us directly, yes we offer greater discounts for companies with the need for more product. We will gladly work with you to negotiate a better deal.

  • Free Local Delivery with in City of Santa Cruz or Pickup Free in Store.
  • Delivery Fee $3.00 for Delivery From Aptos CA to Felton CA. Outside the area FedEx or USPS shipping available. 
  • As always we pack and heat seal the order by hand same day it is shipped or delivered locally. guaranteed fresh.
  • We believe so strongly in the quality of our goods if you are unhappy with anything in your snack box, contact us and we will fix it free of charge.
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(Please be advised for the overly expensive nuts Marcona Almonds, Macadamia Nuts, and Brazil Nuts we will add a 1.00 per bag charge.


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One Time Trial:  $90.00 a box - $4.50 per bag 20 total 3oz servings per box of your choice

Monthly:  1 box shipped or delivered first week of every month. $80.00 - $4.00 per bag 20 Total 3oz servings per box. each month.

Twice Monthly:: 1 box shipped or delivered first week and third week every month. $70.00 each box $140.00 total per month - $3.50 per bag 20 total 3oz servings per box 40 bags in total each month.

Weekly:  1 box shipped or delivered each week $60.00 per box $240.00 total per month - $3.00 per bag 20 total 3oz servings per box 80 bags in total  each month.


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