If you are considering carrying Nut Kreations products at your business, then we love you. And we have developed programs to provide you with anything and everything you need along the way.

Why we're awesome:

All our products and ingredients (except Macadamia Nuts Hawaii) are sourced from California farmers and roasters which guarantees fresh ingredients. We offer organic, vegan, and kosher options in all categories and we are expanding those offerings all the time. Bottom line we only buy the best from the best. And we test everything before it goes out the door to guarantee you only get the freshest best tasting products. But what we are most proud of is our fans. We sell to some of the best businesses, chefs, hotel food and beverage programs in California. Our client list includes Michelin Chef Micheal Mina, The Fairmont Hotel San Francisco, The Rosewood Hotel, The Ventanna Inn Carmel,  The Sheraton Fishermans Wharf, Marriott San Jose, The Curran Theatre San Francisco, Beer Thirty Santa Cruz, The Paradox Santa Cruz,  The Del Mar & Nickelodeon Theaters to name drop a few. And we think if it is good enough for these incredibly discerning clients we must be doing something right.

Program for Retail:

We offer 7 sizes in resealable keep fresh bags. We recommend the sizes under 3 oz only for our Hotel programs. They are best for turn down or mini bar service. Our best sizes for retail grab and go locations are 3oz or larger. Product is bagged fresh with no preservatives and heat sealed at time of shipping and has a guaranteed 6 month shelf life. 

We have NO ORDER MINIMUMS. Mix and Match whatever you want.  You can get full cases of each item (24 - 36 bags a case), or individual bags volume discounts begin at just 50 bags. We offer typically 30 day net terms with a 2% early pay discount option. We offer a 5% volume discount for orders over 50 bags, a 10% discount for orders over 100 bags, and a 15% discount for orders over 150 bags. Looking for greater volume and greater discount? We can negotiate additional volume discounts for large scale volume customers such as hotel in room service, theaters, shows, or event snack service. 

Product Guarantee:

We believe so strongly in our product that If it doesn't sell within it's shelf life we will happily replace the unsold product with anything in the catalog of your choice of equal value at no cost to you.

Customized Displays:

We can provide you with a free handmade Nut Kreations display to your exact specifications to act as a silent salesman display and help sell the product for you which we have done for numerous clients. Examples  include small counter-top displays,  free standing grab and go snack bins, small freestanding displays perfect for cafes or small footprint locations, and large scale movable displays that can hold over 100 bags at a time.  All we ask is if you choose to discontinue use of the display at a future point you call us so we can remove and reuse it. These are not typical cheap displays they are built to last.

Nut Kreations On Site:

Want us to provide your guests with some tasty samples or maybe we can whip up a custom mix for a special event at your business. We'd love to do that. We've gone on site for lots of our clients like Paradox Hotel Movie Night, or Michael Mina's Levi Stadium Tailgate events.

Exclusive Mix / Private Labeling:

Want to have a product made just for you and your clients exclusively? Yeah no problem, we do that all the time. In fact we are so good at it we are like customization ninjas. We've made exclusive mixes for a lot of our clients. And, we can add your business custom label to the package for that nice added touch to for your customers.

How Do I Start?

Oh that is easy. You may call us at 831-431-6435, or email us at info@nutkreations.com. Alternatively you can fill out the following form to request a sample kit. Additionally our wholesale retail program price list is shown on the wholesale order page. If you want you can order at any time by submitting the order form on the Wholesaling Ordering page, or email / call us we'd happily take orders that way. To get a sample kit, and price catalog mailed to you submit the form below.

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