Hotels are a unique type of business. Their needs are not just cut and dry. And often their needs are on a larger scale then our typical retail clients. As such we created a separate division to support our Hotel Clients. Smart Hotel Operators are always looking for ways to provide unique experiences to their guests. Unique and artisan touches not only help elevate a guest's stay but coincidentally they allow for better margins.  Because Hotel needs are often larger then our typical wholesale client. We negotiate pricing on a case by case basis based on your need. The more you need the greater discounts we can offer. Please contact us below to get samples and a quote arranged. Or if you'd like we can arrange an in store tasting.

Current Clients:

We currently provide various levels of service from bar mix to mini bar and turn down service to The Rosewood,  Fairfield Inn Santa Cruz, Marriott San Jose, The Fairmont San Francisco, Paradox Hotel and Dream Inn Santa Cruz, Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco.


1. Mini Bar & Turn Down Service


Nut Kreations provides a catalog of over 140 items.  Packaged  and heat sealed only once ordered all products guaranteed fresh. Additionally Nut Kreations is the only company that allows hotel operators to create exclusive custom mixes and blends only for their hotel or special event

Sizes for Mini-Bar & Turn down Service we recommend 1.5 oz to 3oz, But Sizes from 1.5oz all the way to 10 pounds are available we can get you whatever size needed.

Nut Kreations Private Labeling Program allows Hotels to add our custom mixes with their private label for additional Hotel Branding.  Contact us to inquire and get customized pricing.




2. Bar Service


This started at The Rosewood Hotel San Jose. Their Food & Beverage Manager said "I don't like my bar mix let's see what you can do."

Well they really seemed to like what we did because they buy a few hundred pounds a month from us. And the mix we made them has changed over the years but they have come to rely on us for our unique ability to create something special that they can provide their guests. Hence was born our Bar Mix Program.

Nut Kreations can delve into our portfolio of unique mixes for your bars and restaurants. Or. we can create something completely original and exclusively your own blend. Prices per pound are very reasonable and discounts are available for bulk buying. Please contact us for more information.


Cafes, Gift & Sundries Shops.

Nut Kreations has bag sizes, gift trays, gourmet gift boxes, butters, jams, and oils which are fantastic stand out items for souvenir and sundry shops, and cafes.

We offer free displays for any need. From big all encompassing snack bins, to small counter top units that draw the eye and show case our fantastic products. Making them perfect for impulse buys and grab and go locations throughout the hotel property.

We've put retail units in for a number of clients like the Fairfeild Inn, and Farimont Hotel SF. We provide the displays for free.  Mix and match bags of any size. Volume discounts of 5% on 50 bags or more, 10% discount on 100 bags or more and 15% discount on 150 bags or more.  No Order Minimums.

Need more product and want to negotiate larger discounts. Please contact us and we can happily  send samples and negotiate greater volume deals.

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