Bulk Foods

We have put together a wide selection of up to 120 choices in fresh nuts, dried fruits & other natural goodies just for you. We work with many small & medium size California farms to supply these items. We believe in freshness & eating healthy! In addition, buying bulk reduces waste & ensures freshness of the products as we get them off the farms or our roasters for you! Be green, be healthy and save money while you buy in bulk! All Items have a shelf life of 6-8 months in a dry place.

dried fruit, dehydrated apples, dehydrated fruit, dried apples, apples
$4.75 Per Pound
dried fruit, dehydrated apricots, dehydrated fruit, dried apricots
$11.89 Per Pound
dried fruit, dehydrated banana chips, dehydrated fruit, dried bananas
$4.66 Per Pound
dried fruit, dehydrated blueberries, dehydrated fruit, dried blueberry
$14.44 Per Pound
dried fruit, dark chocolate blueberries, chocolate dried fruit
$11.89 Per Pound
Raw Brazil, Brazilian Nuts, Raw Brazilians, raw nuts
$10.19 Per Pound
Butter Toffee Almonds, Toffee Almonds, Glazed Almonds, Sugar Almonds
$8.49 Per Pound
dried fruit, candied cantaloupe, candied dried fruit, dehydrated fruit
$7.64 Per Pound
dried fruit, dried cherries, tart fruit, tart cherries, dried sour cherries
$14.99 Per Pound
spicy almonds, chili almonds, lemon almonds, hot almonds, almond
$7.64 Per Pound
Chili Peanuts, Spicy Peanuts, Lemon Peanuts, Seasoned Peanuts, Peanuts
$5.08 Per Pound
chili pistanchios, spicy pistachios, hot pistachio, flavored pistachio
$9.34 Per Pound
dried fruit, dried chili mangos, spicy mangos, dried mangos with chili
$7.64 Per Pound
Milk Chocolate Pecans, Chocolate Pecans, Glazed Pecans, Coated Pecans
$13.59 Per Pound
Chocolate Hazelnuts, Toffee Hazelnuts, Coated Filbert, Glazed Hazelnut
$11.88 Per Pound
chocolate pistachios, candied pistachios, toffee pistachios, pistachio
$14.99 Per Pound
Cinnamon Almonds, Coconut Almonds, Vanilla Almonds, Glazed Almonds
$8.49 Per Pound
Sugared Macadamia, Vanilla Glazed Macadamia, Cinnamon Glazed Macadamia
$18.99 Per Pound
Coconut Curry Cashews, Glazed Cashews, White Chocolate Cashews, cashew
$12.99 Per Pound
Toffee Peanuts, Glazed Peanuts, Coated Peanuts, Coconut Toffee Peanuts
$5.52 Per Pound
Coconut flakes, dried coconut, coconut chips, dried coconut chips
$5.09 Per Pound
Dried Cranberries, Dehydrated Cranberries, Cranberries, Sweetened Cranberries
$6.99 Per Pound
dark chocolate apricots, chocolate fruit, chocolate dried apricots
$11.89 Per Pound
Dark chocolate banana chips, banana chips, dried fruit, dried bananas
$7.22 Per Pound