Getting Nutty Mix

Drk Choc Cranberry

Ingredients: Milk Chocolate Coating, Dried Cranberries, Pure Food Glaze.

This item is not Vegan. This item is Certified Kosher.


Mlk Chc Rainbow Nuggets

M&Ms, milk chocolate candies, candy, healthy M&M's, natural M&M's

All natural smooth milk chocolate nuggets with beautiful vegetable coloring

Ingredients: Milk Chocolate Center, Colored Shell made with Vegetable Juice.

Certified Kosher.


Organic Dark Chocolate Peanuts

Ingredients: Organic Dark Chocolate, Organic Whole Roasted Peanuts, Pure Food Glaze.

This item is Vegan and Gluten Free.


Organic Dark Chocolate Chips





dried fruit, candied cantaloupe, candied dried fruit, dehydrated fruit

Ingredients: Cantaloupe, Sugar, Citric Acid.

This item has no preservatives added.


Drk Choc Malt Ball

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate, Malt Filling, Pure Food Glaze.

This item is not Gluten Free or Vegan.


Drk Choc Pretzels

Ingredients: Malt Sweetened Dark Chocolate, Pretzels.

This item is not Gluten Free.


Mlk Choc Pretzels

Ingredients: Milk Chocolate Coating, Pretzels.

This is not a vegan item and contains Gluten.

Certified Kosher.


Mlk Choc Malt Ball

Ingredients: Milk Chocolate Coating, Malt Filling, Pure Food Glaze.

This item is not Vegan and contains Gluten.

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